28 Day Habitrition Challenge Day 23

5 Days Left

9:20 AM – Yogurt, banana, grapes

11 AM – Tea and grapes

1:20 PM – Bowl of Chili

4:15 PM – Brown rice cake with granola and peanut butter and five grapes


5:17 PM – 30 oz of water

6:05 PM – 2 chicken breast with franks hot sauce and shredded mozzarella


7:30 PM – Salad


10:20 AM – Cauliflower grilled cheese (many people close to my heart requested I try this).




I will say I have amazing coworkers. One of them brought in a huge bushel of grapes today. That saved me because I didnt pack so well. The more i’m in this challenge the more I see my life changing. This is another reason why I do this challenge every year because we can get off track sometimes. But this 28 Day Habitrition challenge makes me focus and live how I really want to. And thats healthier than I used to be. I want to be around and able to function, unhindered, (down the road) when my kids have their kids. And I know things happen in life but I dont want any preventive conditions that would be caused by a sub par diet. So I am staying focused this week and for the rest of my life to eat healthier and continue to (Habitrition) challenge myself. Can you tell its been a good day?

Stay focused, you can do it. 6 days left!!

Coach Sarge