28 Day Habitrition Challenge Day 28

Can You Believe Its Over?!?!

6:30 AM – Arise

7:15 AM – Granola with raisins and berries

11:28 AM – Oatmeal berry “pancakes” with scrambled eggs and cheese

IMG_4527 (1)




5:30 PM – Cashews

6:45 PM – Salad and lentil pasta bake



It was a good run. I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the #28DayHabitritionChallenge If you only did it for a week or two thank you for your effort. Those who stayed through until the end I commend you. As always it’s an amazing time, for me and my family, to refocus and evaluate what we have been doing nutritionally. It is also a jumpstart into the new year. It’s now March and its time to get a handle on this year.

There have been few recipes shared and learned in our Facebook group. I’ve heard great stories of people dropping dress sizes, shifting and loosing weight. Also, many have told me that they are more aware of what they are eating. And that, my friends, was a main goal. For us to all be more conscious of what we are putting in our body because we literally are what we eat. When our organs and skin regenerate it can only use what we have taken.

Anyway, thanks again for sticking it out these 28 days. I would love to hear your story. Please email me info@coachpsarge.com with a couple sentences on how the challenge went for you and what changed for you over these 28 days.

As always you rock and YOU DID IT!!!

Coach Sarge