30 Day Mile Challenge

Happy New Year!!

It’s crazy how fast the turn around from 2017 to 2018 has been. For me and my family, it has flown by!

It is easy to get bogged down by the holidays with the family get-togethers the holiday parties and the hustle and bustle of the season. Next thing you know your fitness routine is shot, you’re nutrition planning is nonexistent and you are eating whatever is in front of you and you forget that rest is important.

I have a little solution for you. It is the 30 Day Mile Challenge. #30daymilechallenge #30daymilerunchallenge

What the challenge entails:

30 days of running, jogging or walking one mile.

It can happen anywhere. Your neighborhood, your house, a fitness center, etc. It can be on a treadmill, on a track or on the sidewalk. For those who have knee or back issues, a bike or elliptical is fine as well.

The purpose of this challenge is to (re)start your activity goals after the holiday season. This will encourage us to plan physical activity into our day. It makes us prioritize fitness into our life. It is not time-consuming. It is available for all experience levels. The human body is designed to walk and most of us do it in some capacity so if you can walk you can do this challenge!

For the next thirty days I will be running one mile a day (at least). Please join me.

I will be posting on Facebook and Instagram my progress as the days go on. You can also connect with me via twitter or leave a comment below.