April 8, 2015


time5 (2)   PLANNING 
I help my clients establish a system based on their individual lifestyles. We take into account family life, work schedules, leisure activities, preferences, and nutritional tendencies just to name a few. From there we set up a strategy with an emphasis on preparation and planning. Then we find the best way record our success whether it be phone apps, by computer via the web, or pen and pad.


My mission is to educate and empower individuals to form good habits in nutrition & fitness, for a well balanced life. I focus on healthy, positive, productive choices in all areas. Areas we cover include (but are not limited to) development/heightening of food awareness, scheduling and time management, meal preparation and planning, and setting achievable healthy goals.
pencil41 EDUCATION


One of the most important aspects of my system. Sometimes in life we have a plan but no support team to encourage us and keep us accountable and inline with our goals. Thats were I come in. Once we begin our relationship we keep an open line of communication. I will consistently check-in with you (via email, text, phone or video chat) to see how you’re progress is coming as well as answer any questions you may have.






My Focus
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