February 21, 2015


Habits + Nutrition = Habitrition

Habitrition is about life change. Its about moving from knowledge and words to putting those words into action. Many people have an awareness of the benefits of healthy nutrition and consistent exercise. My job to help you discover how that works for you.

The focus of habitrition is to turn fundamentally good choices into life changing habits. Without a change of habits there can be no change in your life.

Good Nutrition + Fitness Habits = a happy life

Habitrition is about forming good nutrition and fitness habits. Its about putting knowledge and education into action. That action becomes good choices. The continuation of those choices become a pattern. Those patterns become habits. Many people have an awareness of the benefit of nutrition and consistent exercise. My job is to discover and cultivate how it works for you. Here is the strategy I used to help you form your habits.

Habitrition Strategy 

I love to help people become healthier and reach their goals. I use a strategy  (The Habitrition Strategy) as a key to my clients success. The purpose is to cultivate good choices into a pattern until those patterns become habits.  I recognize everyone is different and that one diet can work for one person yet cause the complete opposite results for another.

I am an advocate of dreaming big and setting goals to achieve those dreams. I work to help people realize their nutrition and fitness dreams and create smaller specific measurable goals to attain their end result in a reasonable time table.

Make Up Your Mind.

Don’t like your current nutritional habits? Change them. It seems simple but the process takes work. Determine that you want to change your habits. The time is now and its time to begin.

Start at the end in mind. 

What would you like to change in you life? What do you want to get out of this? Where do you want to end? What’s your goal? Don’t be afraid to dream big.

Make a plan. 

Set a process that you are confident in. The plan includes the following

Set goals. 

Start small with things that you can achieve. If the goals don’t seem like something you can do they aren’t small enough. We are trying to create habits. A habit is something you can do consistently, preferable daily.

Be accountable. 

Find your accountability team. I help people determine those that will keep them on track and encourage them . This includes spouses friends, family, co-workers mentors and others.

Celebrate the goals once achieved. 

No goal is to small to celebrate. Every time you achieve a goal and implement into your lives we acknowledge that it happened.

Evaluate and build.

Take time to reflect daily on your progress. Take what you learned from the achievements and challenges and implement that knowledge so that tomorrow will be a little better than today.