February 21, 2015

Meet Coach Sarge

Hey there and Welcome!

I’m Paul Sargent aka Coach Sarge. I am a nutrition consultant, fitness advocate, public speaker and blogger.

My mission is to educate and empower individuals to form good habits in nutrition & fitness, for a well balanced life. I focus on healthy, positive, productive choices in all areas.

I graduated from The Ohio State University earning a B.S. in Nutrition and completed the Didactic Program of Dietetics. I am also a Certified Health Coach (CHC) through the American Council on Exercise.

I love sharing my knowledge for health and nutrition and I believe good nutrition and fitness habits lead to a happy life. Fad diets and the “in” workout programs do not sustain over time. There must be mindset change followed by a series of small choices that support that new state of mind. Those positive choices are cultivated and become life changing habits

My job is to share my strategy as I partner with you in creating those life changing habits and reaching your goals. I help individuals filter through nutrition and fitness propaganda so that they have applicable facts about nutrition and fitness that will empower them with the knowledge and skills to take care of their own health.

I empower those I work with to take control of their own health by turning positive choices into life changing habits through education and encouragement.