So…I kinda Went To Cali (My Food Journey)

I recently went to California for vacation. One of my best friends got married and we figured we would see the coast and visit loved ones as well. Here is a portion of my food journey.

Before we get into this lets make it clear that this is vacation. This is not the normal intake of what I eat and I worked out consistently as well.

Pre-wedding/ post run/workout breakfast

This place is called the Hillside Inn but it has a Family Run Café. SO GOOD!

French Toast


Oakmont Golf Club, Santa Rosa, CA- Wedding Menu

From menu to plate.

Had to go back to the little cafe again the next morning. This time split a meal with my wife.

The Dead Fish, Vallejo, California. A local spot. Seafood enchilada. Perfect amount of spice and kick.

400 Degrees Gourmet Burgers, Carmel By the sea, California. Bison Burger and fries (My wife’s turkey burger was better)

West Hollywood Ca. Breakfast of Champions. I cooked breakfast for the family every day once we got to LA. It was just eggs most days but this day we had bagels. LOL.

In N Out Burger Sunset Blvd, Ca. My son was raving about In N Out Burger so we had to make one stop. Ive never had it. It tasted like a burger. HA

La Piazza, The Grove, LA. Her brother treated us to an Anniversary Dinner (Whenever I go to a new Italian place I get the lasagna…and it was good). They served LavAzza coffe with my wife enjoyed.

My wife’s chicken parmesan was better. I’ve never had it over mashed potatoes but its a game changer.

Anniversary Dessert we shared with the table. First tiramisu I actually enjoyed.

This ends the California journey. It is only a portion of the food I ate but this was the most fun food we had. Hope you enjoyed stepping in my (Vacation) food world. Now its back to the real world of food as fuel and making the most out of my body.