Three Snacks From May

May was an amazing month (it is my birth month so it cant be bad)! I added a couple personal records when it comes to running (furthest distance, longest timed run, fastest recorded mile) and I founds a couple new snack ideas so I wanted to share them.


If you like apples and peanut butter, or bananas and peanut butter this one is for you.


It’s easy to put together. Slice one apple, Slice one banana, drizzle 2 tbsp of organic peanut butter and lightly sprinkle with cinnamon. I’m not sure if I lightly sprinkled but I love cinnamon.


Next snack takes no prep. You just have to throw it in the freezer.

This was yogurt


Whole Milk Yogurt by Liberté

210 Calories of pure goodness. This may be the best yogurt from frozen that I have ever tasted. You can find it at Giant Eagle, Fresh Thyme, Meijer and Earth Fare. If you’re in central Ohio or you can look it up here for where you can find it.


Lastly, this favorites is an original fast food. Straight from nature right to your mouth.


I had the privilege to visit one of our local farmer’s markets (Worthington Farmer’s Market) and I found this beauty. I’ve never had this type of apple before but it encompassed everything I want in an apple. Crisp, crunchy, and tart initially. with a little bit of sweet undertone. They are called “Gold Rush” and this was the end of the season’s batch. I wish I would have gotten them in full strength. The young lady who was working the Gillogly Orchard stand recommended this apple and said it was her favorite. I would concur. Great advice.   My four year old wouldn’t stop requesting a bite. She was so excited to tell her mom about the “special apples” that we bought when we returned home.

There you have it. My three snacks for may. I will be partaking them in June as well. What snacks or new twists on snacks have you recently seen or tried. Let me know in the comments or connect with me via social media.